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Fitting the Jigsaw Together

Earning money involves bringing together many different elements. It’s not just a skill itself, but also the business structure that supports it. This is true irrespective of whether it’s your own structure or that of your employers.


Through this website you can learn Sugaring as a new skill and then either find employment or start your own business. If you decide to start your own business I will teach you the approach that worked for me. You can also visit our Salons and Training Centre.

Video Learning

The written word tells a story, but video paints a picture. Seeing is believing, so I use video to teach you a new skill and then build that skill into your own successful business if that is your chosen path. Face-to-face training is also available.

Learn New Skills

The quickest, easiest and most successful way to learn new skills is to be taught by someone who has already done it. The breadth of my experience spans many years and what I have learned, often the hard way, is here for you to learn the easy way. Please click the button below and I will explain in more detail.


Legs Bikini-line Underarm Sugaring

Online and Face-to-Face Training

Choosing the right training is so important, unlike most training providers I actually operate the businesses I teach you about. In addition to Online Training I also offer Face-to-Face training.

Peter Sugaring Christine

Choosing a new career path can seem a bit daunting because there are some very important decisions that need to be made. Which ever road you eventually decide to go down building the right set of skills is very important.

I have structured our training courses so you can start off slowly, but feel you are achieving something very quickly. Then you can add defined and very relevant courses that improve your skill set and further develop your ability.

At first glance I may seem an unlikely candidate to be specialising in Sugaring, but I have years of experience. Over these years I have developed many other skills as well which I will tell you about. You may not be interested in all of the skills themselves, but it’s the way I have built then into successful businesses that is important. Business skills are universal so transferable from one business to another and these are the skills you can learn by following my courses.

Be a Success with My Professional Training

Here at Professional Sugaring I produce my own Sugar Paste to a formula I have been perfecting since 1986. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients I believe my sugar paste to be the best available. One of my most popular courses explains in detail how to make perfect Sugar Paste the very first time you try and then keep quality consistent every time you make it.
Professional Sugaring
Beeston, Nottingham
I am are looking for models to feature on this website. Videos are shot close up so students can more easily see the techniques involved, this means you can work anonymously as your face is not shown. Video shoots normally last for two hours, but this only produces a short video when edited. I offer £25 per hour and have ongoing work available. If you would like further information please email me through the contact page.
Professional Sugaring
Beeston, Nottingham
under construction, more information coming soon
Professional Sugaring
Beeston, Nottingham
under construction, more information coming soon
Professional Sugaring
Beeston, Nottingham
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